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If you are trying to attract inbound foreign tourists or foreign customers for cross-border e-commerce…  

 I paid a lot of money to a translation agency to translate my website but my products do not sell at all

 I made my website multilingualized, but website traffic does not increase

 I struggled to write and translate articles but they do not appear higher in search engine rankings

 I am using Facebook for inbound foreign tourists, but “likes” have not increased much yet

 I used crowdsourcing for creating articles, but the quality of delivered articles was poor

I had the same problems.

I am currently operating multilingual website. I was up for the challenge of disseminating great things in Japan to overseas when I started the media for inbound foreign tourists to Japan, but it was frustrating at first because I was not able to attract many visitors. I struggled to write and translate articles, but the number of visitors did not increase and just the translation cost increased. I thought about stopping the business because it became so costly, but after updates through a trial and error process, foreign visitors to my media increased to be around 300,000 per month.

I thought that “translation” is all I have to do to transmit information to foreigners.

The first method I thought about when sending information to foreigners was “translation.” Translation must be the most common method used by the majority of business people who try to attract foreigners. When I saw that my articles, in which I had great confidence, were translated into various languages, I felt as if I achieved something and expected an increase of people from foreign countries accessing my sites. But the website traffic increased very little even though I spent a lot of money for translation. When I put advertisements on SNS such as Facebook, website traffic temporarily increased, but soon tapered off. After I continued operating the site for a certain period of time, I noticed one thing.

Through translation of articles, I noticed an important fact.

Sometimes, the articles I thought were good did not get much reaction, and the ones I did not think were good got more visits. That being said, this is something that is perhaps quite obvious. Interesting articles for foreigners and interesting articles for Japanese are different. If I unilaterally force something which is interesting to Japanese on foreigners through translation, it does not touch their hearts. Don’t I need articles which are written by native speakers from scratch to increase interest? I noticed the importance of the point of view of native speakers, so I employed a native speaker as a dedicated writer. One native writer was not enough to cover all the articles, so I started to use external writers, famous bloggers and influencers in other countries.

The power of native writers was beyond my imagination.

Around a half year after I hired a native writer and uploaded articles, before I was aware, monthly PV (page view) exceeded 1.5 million and my media has grown up to be visited by more than 300,000 foreigners a month. Around that time, little by little, I started to get inquiries from other companies and local governments and started to offer writing services.

Native writers are good, but the cost….

To create original articles of good quality, employing native writers as I did is one option, but it is a difficult decision because it generates a monthly fixed cost. If you need multilingual articles, cost will become several-fold. Even if your budget is big enough, recruiting takes time and you cannot see if the employed writers are good before you actually work with them.

Seemingly inexpensive, but the truth is…? A common pitfall when you use freelance writers.

To contain costs, outsourcing jobs to freelance writers is one option. But it is troublesome to communicate images of articles you would like every time you place an order, and sometimes you need to communicate in English. In addition, you need to check delivered articles, send back the sections which require amendments, and recheck the re-delivered articles. So it takes time even after articles are delivered. The unit price to pay freelance writers itself is inexpensive and attractive, but the final cost will be relatively high because much of your effort is required before and after the delivery.

If you have trouble attracting foreign customers, we are offering services to cover all the troublesome work concerning preparation of articles.

While contacting various customers, I noticed that many people who want to tell people in other countries about the splendid products and culture of Japan do not know how to. I wanted to help them attract foreign customers by communicating good quality products, and started this service. Through the know-how I cultivated from operating my media, we will reduce manpower by bridging writers and customers. Please just tell us in Japanese about what you would like to transmit and what keywords you would like to be searched, then we will organize the information and prepare articles as you’d like.

Characteristic 1: We will prepare and rewrite articles, so your previous articles do not go to waste.

If you have previously translated articles, we also offer services to proofread previous text to make it more impressive to local people. If you translate articles which are written by Japanese, it is difficult to appeal to local people well because they tend to be biased towards the point of view of the Japanese. We offer proofreading service to eliminate the gap. Without changing the content, we will rewrite existing articles to make them attractive from the standpoint from foreigners.

Characteristic 2: By using local offices, we can write a huge number of articles while maintaining quality.

We have offices in Bangkok, Thailand and Jakarta, Indonesia. Thai and Indonesian writers who exclusively work for us and in-house proofreaders are located at those locations. In addition, many writers who have work experience in search engine optimization (SEO) companies or have engaged in editing magazines for many years are registered in our company. Even when we ask freelance writers to write articles, we will check if there are any plagiarized texts or texts which violate copyrights or other regulations, and proofread them before delivery. That is why we can provide you with high quality articles while maintaining prices at the local level.

Characteristics 3: You can create articles with a sense of unity by using templates for input.

We are using forms for writing articles in our one-of-a-kind system, and writers write articles on the management screen of the system. Specifications and formats are pre-incorporated, so the quality of articles will be consistent.



Difference from crowdsourcing

Editors and proofreaders who know SEO improve article quality.

Based on our confidential SEO manual, experienced in-house staff work on presenting plans, titles and headings of articles and writers write articles based on them.
After that, in-house staff always checks and improves the articles written by writers.

With crowdsourcing, many unknown writers prepare articles, so the quality of delivered articles may vary. In addition, SEO companies which just focus on “filling in the required number of characters” exist, and writers who are good at mass-producing poor quality contents tend to increase.

Our strength is handling of detailed regulations.

We have experience in creating medical contents geared toward meeting strict regulations.
For medical contents, there are many guidelines which cover medical treatment paid by insurance and advertising by medical institutions, such as the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act and the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations which should be carefully referred to when creating articles. We define rules for creating articles on the management screen, judge prohibited words and expressions by the system and deliver articles with no issues.

Articles are written by writers who passed competitive trials.
・Detection of prohibited words by using our content production system.

As a rough indication of volume and delivery, we can prepare around 100 articles of around 5,000 characters per month.


Price varies depending on language and difficulty level. Our minimum monthly order value is 300,000 yen. (Rough indication: 10 articles or more for a main site) Contact us for details.

English5 JPY / word ~
Simplified Chinese4 JPY / character ~
Traditional Chinese4 JPY / character ~
Thai3 JPY / character ~
Indonesian2 JPY / word ~

Production achievement: Articles of 1 million characters or more are written per month!

A Company: Inbound Media

240 articles with tourism contents in Chinese were created. Long articles of 6,000 characters or longer and original contents such as introductory material of tourist attractions were prepared.

B Company: Medical Information Website

Articles for an information site for persons who cannot decide on which hospital to choose were created. More than 500 articles or over per month were prepared.

C Company: Inbound Media

Contents to promote Japanese culture to foreigners were created considering SEO. 250 articles in Chinese (simplified, traditional), English and Indonesian were prepared.

The Service Process
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