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About Thai Language

According to the remaining stone tablet inscriptions, Thai language was invented by a Sukhothai king more than 700 years ago. Thai alphabets are adapted from Southern Indian alphabets; however it is quite distinct from the original and the neighiboring Khmere language in that many consonants, vowels, and tones were added to suit the local language.

Evolving through time, Thai is now Kingdom of Thailand’s official language. Being a language with defined tones for every word, although it is difficult for foreigners to pronounce, Thai language’s music-like tones are quite fascinating to listen to.

Although spelling is quite complicated due to many consonants (44), vowels (32), and tones (5), Thai grammar is relatively easier compared to other languages, especially languages with verb-tenses.

Regional Dialects

Thai language has a number of dialects according to region, some of which are quite different from the official Thai. However, the official (or central dialect) Thai is used throughout the country.

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