Nowadays, telephone communication is one of the most widespread means of communication as it enables people to exchange information quickly and conveniently without having to travel to be in the same place. Particularly, the revolution of mobile phones has made the world even smaller than before. A recent study conducted by the United Nations has shown that out of the world’s estimated population of 7 billion, a substantial 6 billion people have access to mobile phones.

Telephone interpretation is necessary in a situation where people who do not share common languages need to communicate with each other via telephone. The telephone interpreter connects the listener and the speaker by rendering the spoken language from one language to another and helping both parties to overcome language and cultural barriers.

Telephone interpretation has opened doors to many new opportunities for companies looking to do business abroad, and has become a key business practice for many global organizations these days. Apart from the business world, telephone interpreting is also frequently adopted by the legal industry because the invisibility of the interpreter gives the speakers the feeling of assurance and confidentiality.

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