Simultaneous interpreting or concurrent interpreting is a highly specialized area of translation and arguably one of the most challenging of all. This type of interpretation is uniquely difficult in the way that the source-language speaker continuously speaks while the interpreter, with only a few seconds of lag time, interprets the message into the target language almost at the same rate of speech as the speaker. Hence, it is required that the simultaneous interpreters have not only high level proficiency in both languages being used but also high concentration skill and in-depth knowledge of terminology related to the subject of discussion. The qualified simultaneous interpreters are scarce, as they should normally have years of specialized training, understanding of cultural diversity, and the skill to be able to listen to one language while speaking another simultaneously.

This type of interpretation has significantly grown in importance over time as the growing global community brings along the need for effective cross-border communication. As a result, simultaneous interpretation is widely adopted in international events and conferences of global corporates and large organizations where there are many participants from all over the world. Technological advancement has also contributed greatly to the increase in popularity of simultaneous interpretation, such as the ease of using wireless systems to broadcast the interpretation to many listeners at the same time.

Realizing the important and demanding nature of simultaneous interpretation, SiteEngine only recruits highly qualified, native speaking interpreters with broad knowledge and extensive experience in varying fields. As having complete mastery in the language alone does not guarantee delivery of smooth and accurate interpretation, we carefully choose the interpreter for each task based on their field of expertise and technical knowledge according to the client’s preference or requirement. Our proven record of accomplishments and satisfied clients can certify our continuous commitment to providing an exceptional service to fulfill your translation needs.