What is the difference between Editing and Proofreading?
Editing Service

Your translation project must be checked by our editors!

We offer an editing service which include flagging any contextual errors, researching the terms that raise doubts and establishing more accurate phrasing. Our native target language editor will check the translated material with the original text, note the changes and comments and send it back to the original translator for confirmation.

The editing service is involved in our translation process - clients don’t need to pay additonal fees for this profitable editing service.

Proofreading Service

SiteEngine also provides a proofreading service which is different from our editing service. While an editor will improve any contextual mistakes and phrasing by checking both source and target materials, a proofreader will make sure your documents are free of grammatical, syntax and spelling errors.

Our proofreading service rate can be charged by hour or word - please feel free to ask us for a benefitial rate!

Localisation service

Do you know the nuances within Asian languages? How to write a localized article based on source files? How to avoid misunderstandings between different languages and cultures?

At SiteEngine, we have more than 40 in-house translators, editors and proofreaders that come from mainly Asian countries which include Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Thai, Indonesia. Myanmar and Vietnam. We promise to provide a complete translation solution which covers localization to bring your content and product to Asian markets efficiently and effectively.