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About Mongolian Language

Serving as the official language of Mongolia, Mongolian is spoken by approximately 5.7 million speakers around the world. Historically, there were at least 8 different scripts used in writing Mongolian, but in 1941 the Cyrillic alphabet was declared the official writing system of Mongolia by the government and has become the most commonly used script. However, during 1991 and 1994 there were attempts to promote traditional culture through the reintroduction of traditional Mongolian script, but this was faced with strong resistance.

Mongolian vs Chinese

Due to the historical closeness and geographical proximity of Mongolia and China, both countries are often thought to have shared similarities in languages. But this is a complete misunderstanding. First of all, in terms of language origin Mongolian is part of the Altaic language family while Chinese is a member of the Porto Sino-Tibetan family language. In addition, the two languages vary greatly in terms of sentence structure and grammar. On the contrary, Mongolian is more similar to Korean and Japanese in these respects.

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