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About Indonesian Language

Indonesian or Bahasa Indonesia is the single official language of Indonesia, being used by more than 210 million people throughout Indonesia. Interestingly, most Indonesians do not speak Indonesian as their first language but rather other regional languages which are not officially recognized, such as Javanese and Sundanese. However, Indonesian language is primarily used in publishing, national media, business, formal education and official occasions. Nevertheless, Indonesian language has received considerable influence from local languages and also foreign languages such as Dutch, Malay, Portuguese, Sanskrit and Arabic.

Creating national unity

When Indonesian was declared the country’s official national language in 1945, there was merely about 5% of Indonesian native speakers comparing to 42-48% of Javanese native speakers and 15% of Sundanese native speakers. There are a number of nationalistic and political reasons which led to this surprising decision. At that time, Indonesia as a newly independent country needed a national language which could be easily adopted by its diverse population and would not create conflict among ethnic groups. For this reason, Indonesian was chosen and gradually gained national acceptance through the government’s support scheme. Nowadays, it is considered one of the factors which led to Indonesia’s success in building a national identity.

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