We do not discriminate against our clients - both corporations and individuals are important to us.

We usually support all basic files and software. Please consult with us upon the kind of files you would like us to translate. Files such as DTP, image processing, graphs or table creation may incur different translation fees.

In the case of translation from English to Japanese, there will be a Japanese translator overlooking the translated works, while works translated from Japanese to English will be proofread by a native English speaker.

Definitely. Especially in the case of works that require translation of highly difficult technical vocabulary, our translators would conduct research or inquire with highly efficient translation personnel in order to conduct the most appropriate translation for our clients.

We do offer a free trial service for our clients; however it is based on the amount of the work our client has provided us with. We have a word limitation applied to the free trial; please feel free to contact us about this matter.

Of course. We can translate files that are not in the form of letters or characters.

Yes, we are able to translate maps, graph, tables, and other layouts with the original data left on them.

It is possible for us to give a rough estimation. However, we must apologize in advance for the possibility that the prices may be varied. This all depends on the number of words, file format and difficulty of the content, so we can not provide an accurate translation fee if we don’t have a source file.

We are able to deliver the translated work to our clients in the shortest possible time, namely the same day the order is placed. Nevertheless, this depends on many factors that could affect the delivery of our translated work: text amount, use of technical terms, level of difficulty, and schedule of our translators.

We do offer translations to English, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Tagalog, Malay, Hindi, and many more. If you would like to place an order with us in any other language, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Clients can pay the translation or interpretation fees through their bank account in Japan or Thailand. We also provide Paypal account details for clients who don’t have bank accounts in Japan or Thailand.

If you could provide us with areas that do not need to be translated within your work, we could provide you with a less expensive service. Moreover, when placing orders with a large amount of text, we could also provide a discount as well.

In addition, if our clients specify the use of the work, we will then assign the work according to the level of difficulty to an appropriate translator, which altogether means the fee differs from case to case. For example, when translating for a publication company, the standard of quality of the translation then is distinct from work translated for the sole purpose of use within the company.