About Chinese Language

Chinese is one of the oldest written languages which can be traced back over 3,000 years to the first written records in turtle shells.

Nowadays, Chinese is the number one spoken language in the world with 1.3 billion native speakers (14.4% of world population) , and the majority of these are in China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Simplified Chinese VS Traditional Chinese

Simplified Chinese is an official language of China which is taught in Mandarin-Chinese as well. On the other hand, Traditional Chinese is mainly used in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

The main difference between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese is that Simplified characters are simply a simpler version of Traditional characters, and some vocabularies are different as well as American English and British English. For example, 打印机 (printer) is Simplified Chinese and 印表機 (printer) is Traditional Chinese, the meaning is same. but the vocabularies people use in China and Taiwan is different. Therefore, it is not that easy to even translate between these two Chinese languages.

Localizable Chinese Translation Service

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