Photo credit: Justin Vidamo (flickr)
About Burmese Language

The Burmese or Myanmar language is the official language of Burma and is spoken by more than 40 million people living in Burma and neighboring countries. Its alphabet was developed and adapted from the Mon script, which also derived from the Indian Brahmi script. The earliest evidence of inscriptions in the Burmese script can be dated back to the 11th century.

Burmese or Myanmar?

Literally, both Burma and Myanmar mean the same thing and the two words have been used within the country for a long time. There is a subtle difference, though. According to anthropologists, Myanmar is the formal, literary term used in writing, while Burma is the informal, colloquial name used in speaking. As a result, although the country’s language is officially recognized as Myanmar language by the Constitution of Burma, most people are more familiar with and still frequently refer to the language as Burmese.

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